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direction 1 – brown and pink

This design is made with a warm, feminine mood in mind. It is delicate, set in pinks and browns. It is targetted at women, so it could alienate a male visitor. It has two layers of navigation: main and secondary. While useful for a site with a lot of content that needs to be organized, it would be unnecessary for a small simple site.  There is a blank space on the right side of the design that was planned for extra content, which content should be put in to show how it would be organized. The logotype, while clear and simple, might benefit from another design element, like an icon.

direction 2 – light blue and navy

This layout is set in light grays, blues and navy. It is more neutral and unisex than the previous one. While staying elegant and wedding-themed, it uses a color palette that isn’t necessarily girly. The design has only one layer of navigation, which would be suited for a small simple site. There’s a limited amount of navigation links that can fit in the space provided and still look well, so it wouldn’t be suited to a big site. A shortcoming of this design is that it looks a bit generic and requires of the content to clearly show that this is a wedding boutique website.

direction 3 – light gray and pink

This design looks like a start of something nice, but something that is not completely fleshed out. Its pink-gray color scheme is delicate and neutral enough to appeal to women but not turn away men. It’s very simple and doesn’t have many graphics.


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